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Smoky Y Ranch : About Us
At Smoky Y Ranch, we strive and base our breeding program on the foundation of our commercial background. Founded in 1978 by Floyd “Jack” and Lyla Younkin, their only son, Randall had the dream to grow in the ranching agricultural industry. With 250 acres and 25 cows, 30 years later his dream became a reality. Now his ranch has grown big enough to run 1,100 head of commercial cows and is one of the largest cow/calf operations in NW Kansas.

Randall ranches along side 2 of his sons, Cody and Kelly Younkin who have worked side by side with their dad since they were toddlers. Cody and Kelly’s strong ranch upbringing has helped them continue to flourish in the cow/calf industry. With three generations of knowledge passed down from their family they started a dream of their own. This dream is Smoky Y Ranch Red Angus. They decided to instill the same characteristics of their commercial herd into their registered herd because it WORKS!

These characteristics are:
Easy fleshing and calving, moderate sized cows with average milk that have the ability to produce a calf with the same traits for long-term results.